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AI & Machine Learning

Imagimob and Syntiant Integrate tinyML and Neural Decision Processor for the Development of Production-Ready Applications - News

October 10, 2022

Stockholm and Irvine, Calif., – Imagimob and Syntiant Corp are collaborating to integrate Imagimob’s tinyML platform with Syntiant’s ultra-low-power NDP120 Neural Decision Processor, enabling the development of production-ready deep learning tinyML applications and ML models using the NDP120 for sound event detection, keyword spotting, fall detection, anomaly detection, gesture detection and more.

AI & Machine Learning

Syntiant Releases TWS Earbud Reference Design Based on NDP100 Neural Decision Processor - Blog

February 16, 2022

Syntiant introduced a reference design for true wireless earbuds to enable faster time to market for ODMs and OEMs. The ultra-low-power design comes with the NDP100 neural decision processor that provides more than 100x performance and 10x throughput at under 140 microwatts for always-on AI voice processing.

AI & Machine Learning

Syntiant Brings Artificial Intelligence Development with Introduction of TinyML Platform - News

October 04, 2021

Syntiant Corp unveiled its TinyML Development Board, a developer kit aimed at both technical and non-technical users building machine learning-powered applications in smart products, such as speech commands, wake word detection, acoustic event detection, and other sensor use cases.