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Diodes Incorporated's PowerDI8080-Packaged MOSFET Increases Power Density in Modern Automotive Applications - News

June 20, 2022

The DMTH4M70SPGWQ is a 40V automotive-compliant MOSFET with a typical RDS(ON) of 0.54m at a gate drive of 10V.


Industry's First DisplayPort 2.0 Active Switch Introduced by Diodes Incorporated - News

April 21, 2020

According to the company, the PI3DPX8121 is currently the only product that supports the base speed of 10Gbps and includes the multiplexing function noted in the specification.

Analog & Power

Diodes Inc.'s Latest Linear LED Driver Extends Lighting Strip Capacity - News

January 08, 2020

With a dropout voltage of 115mV and operating current of 285?A, the device requires no external power transistors or capacitors

Analog & Power

Automotive-Compliant Buck LED Drivers From Diodes Inc Serve Internal and External Vehicle Lamps - News

January 02, 2020

Accepting a supply voltage from 4.5V to 40V and 55V respectively, the AL8843Q and AL8862Q can withstand severe voltage variations without suffering any corresponding degradation in the LED drive curre


MIPI PHY Switch from Diodes Incorporated Offers Fast Switching between High Speed and Low Power across Five Lanes - Press Release

October 11, 2019

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced the PI3WVR648GEAEX five-lane MIPI 2:1 switch.

Networking & 5G

Industry's First HDMI 2.1 Linear ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Optimized for Next-Generation Video Applications - Product

October 04, 2019

Diodes Incorporated today announced the industry?s first HDMI 2.1 transparent, linear ReDriver optimized for power and cost in digital TVs, laptop and desktop computers.

Analog & Power

Universal High-Speed Crossbar Switch from Diodes Incorporated Supports Signal Routing up to 20Gbps - Press Release

September 30, 2019

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced, at USB Developer Days, the PI3DBS16222 crossbar switch for high-speed differential and serial signals.