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Gumstix Expands Raspberry Pi Support - Other

October 24, 2017

Three new expansion boards supporting the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and Compute Module 3 now available including the Gumstix Pi Stepper HAT, the Gumstix Pi Newgate, and the Gumstix Pi Conduit PoE,


Gumstix Enables Support for NXP Single Chip System Modules - Other

October 24, 2017

Simple Online Custom Design for NXP(r) Single Chip System Modules available in Geppetto D2O IoT innovators can now, in minutes, design and order SCM-powered hardware combining their choices of...


Gumstix Launches LoRa Gateway and Node Hardware Solution - Product

August 03, 2017

Rapid online IoT hardware design and manufacturing available for Gateways and Nodes in Geppetto. Gumstix launches three new modules in Geppetto for custom LoRa device designs and a suite of...

Software & OS

Automated Hardware Documentation on Demand - Blog

July 12, 2017

Geppetto's AutoDoc feature provides instant technical specifications and detailed connection information for user's IoT hardware designs, including pin assignments, chip configurations and...


Gumstix Launches MAV Control Board for Intel Joule IoT Market - Other

January 19, 2017

Intel designers can rapidly design and manufacture expansion boards for their drone, robotics and IoT devices with the AeroCore 2 Intel Joule module expansion board and Geppetto Design to Order.