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RISC-V on the Final Frontier - Podcast

December 29, 2022

On this Episode of Embedded Insiders we’re joined by Founder and CTO of Croquet, David Smith, to discuss the company’s Portals technology which is designed to securely connect 3D, web-based spaces where developers from different parties can link their virtual worlds together.

Open Source

Success Story: How RISC-V Is Enabling the Internet of Space - Story

December 14, 2022

As objects exit Earth’s atmosphere, radiation levels become increasingly destructive to both organic and inorganic materials. The latter includes electronics, which are susceptible to Gamma rays, X-rays, and other high-energy particles that can cause single event upsets (SEUs, also known as bitflips) in memory, voltage spikes in analog circuitry, and other faults that can crash programs or entire systems.