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AI & Machine Learning

Visidon AI-Powered Low-Light Video Enhancement Selected to Hailo-15 AI Vision Processor - News

April 05, 2024

The CNN-based technology developed by Visidon allows for significant improvement to video analytics accuracy in low-light environments, marking a new era for intelligent cameras deployed in public spaces, smart cities, factories, buildings, retail locations, and more.

AI & Machine Learning

New Low Light Enhancement Tech from Visidon and Inuitive - News

February 21, 2023

Visidon, and Inuitive announced a solution for reliable, and real-time low light technology. The solution solves the problem of traditional noise reduction algorithms for edge devices, such as robotics, consumer electronic devices with cameras, and surveillance systems. Integrating Intuitive’s NU4100 vision-on-chip processor and its AI image processing and depth sending with Visidon’s low light enhancement technology moves vision technology closer to next-generation.