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Analog Devices

Guilhem Azzano started his career at Analog Devices in 2019. He is currently an applications engineer in the Magnetic Sensing Technology Group for Analog Devices in Ireland, where he leads current sensing strategy with magnetic sensors. He has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in electrical engineering with a major in embedded electronics and robotics. He has won several awards in international robotic competitions.

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Analog & Power

Find the Cost and Performance Sweet Spot for Battery Management and Traction Inverter Systems Design - Story

January 18, 2022

Even with advances in battery technology and electromechanics, OEMs struggle to meet the mix of expectations on ultralow emissions performance, vehicle range, and consumer affordability. Innovations in the fields of isolation, power management, magnetics sensing, and battery management systems (BMS) can help OEMs meet expectations on ultralow emissions, range, and vehicle cost.

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