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Saumitra Jagdale is a Backend Developer, Freelance Technical Author, Global AI Ambassador (SwissCognitive), Open-source Contributor in Python projects, Leader of Tensorflow Community India, and Passionate AI/ML Enthusiast.

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Open Source

Why Raspberry Pi's RP2040 is the Popular Choice for Development Boards - Story

June 26, 2021

Raspberry Pi SBCs are some of today's most popular development board options. Raspberry Pi comes in flavors ranging from the Raspberry Pi 2, 3, and 4 to the Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W "maker" boards. Now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has gone a step further by releasing of its very own processor: The RP2040 MCU.


Edge AI is Overtaking Cloud Computing for Deep Learning Applications - Blog

June 18, 2021

You may have come across various hardware development boards and MCUs, which use Edge AI for processing and computations. However, cloud computing is still a preferred choice for deployment as it is faster and easier to design applications through the cloud platform. But it comes at the cost of latency in data transfer and security issues as the system is prone to network attacks. Hence, Edge AI addresses these issues as it works on the principle of on-device processing to make the system quick and safe.

Debug & Test

PGY-LA-EMBD All-in-One Oscilloscope, Logic, and Protocol Analyzer for Embedded Interfaces - Blog

June 18, 2021

Testing and debugging has always been a tedious phase for engineers in the hardware design life cycle. Finding the issues and backtracking errors consumes a lot of productive time which causes the delay in production. Hence, the concept of capturing and monitoring the electronic signals using a Logic Analyzer solves this issue for a Test Engineer to analyze the hardware design.

AI & Machine Learning

MIT’s SpAtten Architecture Uses Attention Mechanism for Advanced NLP - Story

March 11, 2021

Processing of human-generated textual data has always been an important yet challenging task, as human language tends to be naturally robust for machines to understand.

AI & Machine Learning

K210 AI Accelerator a Compact Raspberry Pi HAT for Computer Vision Applications - Story

March 10, 2021

XaLogics’s AI Accelerator with K210 SoC comes with a dual-core RISC-V AI processor featuring low power consumption than its competing Coral USB Accelerator, and Intel Neural Compute Stick 2.

AI & Machine Learning

Espressif Providing Support for the AIoT Market with its Dual-Core ESP32-S3 - Story

March 05, 2021

The AIoT market needs some help in terms of processing, security, and software support. In order to gain the assistance that’s needed, semiconductor solutions need to step up and meet five key demands:

Articles 41 - 46