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Articles related to NVIDIA
AI & Machine Learning

AAEON Releases its NVIDIA Powered AI Driven BOXER-8641AI - News

January 30, 2023

AAEON has released the BOXER-8641AI driven by a 12-core ARM Cortex-A78AE v8.2 64-bit CPU including NVIDIA’s Ampere architecture supporting the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 64GB module. NVIDIA technology ups the performance to 275 TOPS making it eight-times faster than current generation AI performance capabilities.


Telit Cinterion Validates its 5G FN980 and FN990 Series Data Cards For NVIDIA Platforms - News

January 23, 2023

Irvine, California. Telit Cinterion announced the verification of its 5G FN980 and FN990 series data cards. It features an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU utilizing 8-core Arm Cortex-A78AE CPUs.

AI & Machine Learning

CES 2023: AAEON Announces AI Edge Box PC Range Powered by NVIDIA - News

January 08, 2023

CES 2023. During CES 2023, AAEON demonstrated its AI edge solutions driven by the NVIDIA Jetson Orin system-on-module (SoM), the BOXER-8652AI and the BOXER-8651AI. The NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano will power the BOXER-8621AI while in the near future we will see the release of the BOXER-8646AI.


Aetina Leverages NVIDIA Power at CES 2023 - News

January 06, 2023

CES 2023. Aetina showed up to CES 2023 and unveiled its DeviceEdge, a NVIDIA Jetson-based series of embedded platforms, driven by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and Orin Nano system-on-modules (SoMs). The  Aetina series consists of the AIB-SO21/31 & AIB-SN31/41AIB-MO22/32 & AIB-MN32/42AIE-KO21/31 & AIE-KN31/41, and AIE-KO22/32 & AIE-KN32/42.

Software & OS

Industrial Metaverse Blueprints, Part 3: System Interoperability Requirements - Story

December 06, 2022

The third article in our metaverse series focuses on conceptual and metadata models that enable interoperability among connected digital twins in an industrial metaverse.

The concept of digital twins, taken to its ultimate potential, can create digital representations of nearly everything. Yet, much of the value of digital twins depends on the ability of distributed, heterogeneous systems to interoperate.


Advantech Releases AIMB-288E with NVIDIA Quadro GPU to Accelerate Edge AI Deployment - Press Release

November 11, 2022

Munich, Germany. Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing platforms, is pleased to announce the release of the AIMB-288E industrial motherboard with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor and NVIDIA Quadro T1000 GPU. AIMB-288E leverages an ultra-slender design to deliver outstanding computing power and superior graphics performance to visual computing in edge intelligence. It supports three independent displays (2 x DisplayPort & 1 x eDP with up to 4K resolution) to present precise visualization during diverse inspection tasks. In addition, AIMB-288E benefits from Advantech’s strict design process, thermal technology, and IEC-60068-2 compliance — attributes that ensure stability during long-term operation. This combination of features and capabilities make AIMB-288E an excellent choice for AI development and deployment in applications requiring a compact, slim form factor design.

AI & Machine Learning

NVIDIA’s Jetson Edge AI Platform Helps SMU Students Build Tiny Supercomputer for AI Research - News

November 07, 2022

Built from scratch by Southern Methodist University students in Dallas, a DIY, aka do-it-yourself, supercomputer using NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano modules is helping provide the hands-on experience students may not receive with a standard supercomputer, which is often too large for a typical university learning environment.