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Articles related to NVIDIA

The Autonomous Road is Closely Ahead, and NVIDIA DRIVE Has the Wheel - Story

November 17, 2021

Autonomous drive is no longer an idea of the future. Although we have yet to reach full levels of autonomy, these systems continue to advance, as do the capabilities that reside within and all around the vehicle.

AI & Machine Learning

NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Orin Robotics Computer for Edge AI and Autonomous Machines - News

November 09, 2021

NVIDIA introduced NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, the world’s smallest, energy-efficient AI supercomputer for robotics, autonomous machines, medical devices, and other forms of embedded computing at the edge.

AI & Machine Learning

Product of the Week: Syslogic's NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial-based Rugged Computer - Story

November 02, 2021

A hallmark of proven technology is viability in rugged industrial applications. And a true measure of that viability is how it performs under the rigors of mobile applications.

Rugged mobile systems architects can now check both boxes while adding cutting edge AI capabilities to their designs by adopting Syslogic's NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier-based Rugged Computer, the RML A3.


NVIDIA Announces New AI Perception Coming to ROS Developers - News

September 22, 2021

NVIDIA and Open Robotics have entered into an agreement to accelerate ROS performance on NVIDIA’s Jetson edge AI platform and GPU-based systems. These initiatives are designed to reduce development time and improve performance for developers seeking to incorporate computer vision and AI/machine learning functionality into their ROS-based applications. 

AI & Machine Learning

Enhancing AI Inference through Sparsity Support and Transformer Optimization for Minimizing Latency - Blog

September 16, 2021

AI models have become more complicated in recent times due to the escalating demand for real-time AI applications in various industries. This necessitates the deployment of high-performing, cutting-edge inference systems in an optimal way. TensorRT's latest version addresses these issues by bringing in additional capabilities to provide more enhanced and responsive conversational AI applications to their customers. 


NVIDIA Maintains Position in 2020 Market for AI Processors for Cloud and Data Center - News

August 06, 2021

NVIDIA maintained its position in the global market for artificial intelligence (AI) processors used in the cloud and in data centers in 2020, with an 80.6% share of global revenue, according to Omdia.

AI & Machine Learning

Jensen's New "Arm" & How to Advance Voice Processing with Classic DSP - Podcast

July 27, 2021

In this week’s Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich try to decide if data sheets specs are reliable, or if industry benchmarks are the only reasonably- accurate measure of component performance without actually testing them yourself.