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Articles related to NVIDIA

Using AI Techniques for Improved Medical Imaging - Blog

March 18, 2021

The analysts all agree—the spend for AI hardware (and software) will be going through the roof in short order.

AI & Machine Learning

K210 AI Accelerator a Compact Raspberry Pi HAT for Computer Vision Applications - Story

March 10, 2021

XaLogics’s AI Accelerator with K210 SoC comes with a dual-core RISC-V AI processor featuring low power consumption than its competing Coral USB Accelerator, and Intel Neural Compute Stick 2.


Three Ways to Achieve Tenfold Embedded Memory Performance for Heterogeneous Multicore - Blog

March 01, 2021

In theory, a heterogeneous multicore device can equip a compute block optimized for any type of operation a given use case can throw at it. A GPU for video processing, a neural network processor for object recognition, a CPU to run the OS, and so on. The different fit-for-purpose cores provide an SoC with more flexibility, and therefore greater performance and lower power consumption across a wider range of workloads, than a homogeneous processor of the same class. 


Syslogic Integrates New Nvidia Jetson Module TX2 NX Into Their Embedded Systems - News

March 01, 2021

Nvidia added the TX2 NX to the Jetson product family.



Beyond Moore’s Law with Parallel Processing & Heterogeneous SoCs - Story

March 01, 2021

2021 Embedded Processor Report: With the dependable performance-per-watt gains of transistor scaling drawing to a close, how will future generations of processors access the compute necessary to efficiently execute demanding workloads? The answer my come via parallel processing on heterogeneous SoCs.


Overcoming the Challenges of 3D Mapping for Autonomous Cars - Story

January 26, 2021

For autonomous vehicles to progress to their next evolutionary phase, it is essential that vehicles have a more complete understanding of the environment in which they must safely move through.


The Place for MISRA C in Safe & Secure Programming - A Comparison with SPARK - Story

January 21, 2021

As part of the Linux Security Summit Europe last October, I participated in a panel around the question, “Would Abandoning the C Language Really Help?”. C, which is the main language used in the Linux kernel, is notorious for having an endless source of vulnerabilities. Just look at the long list of open bugs automatically reported by the fuzzing robot syzbot that are still waiting for a fix.