Neousys Technology Releases the Nuvo-8108GC-XL Edge AI GPU Computing Platform

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 29, 2021


Neousys Technology Releases the Nuvo-8108GC-XL Edge AI GPU Computing Platform
(Image courtesy of Neousys Technology)

Neousys Technology announced the release of its Nuvo-8108GC-XL, an edge AI GPU computing platform supporting the NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPU card up to RTX 3080 and Intel Xeon E, 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ processors.

The solution features thermal operations up to 60°C in addition to its support for shock and vibration up to 3Grms, and wide-range 8-48V DC power input design.

In an effort to maximize the performance of the RTX 30 series GPU cards, the Nuvo-8108GC-XL sports a new mechanical design. The design highlights the solution’s heat dissipation and thermal design in order to bring the RTX 30 series GPU cards and its heterogeneous parallel computing architecture to the forefront.

Further, it comes equipped with an additional x8 PCIe slot (4-lanes) and one x16 PCIe slot (8-lanes) for developers to include higher performance or expansion cards needing more bandwidth. This extends its function sets for a number of applications such as video analytics, or 4G/5G communications via M.2 expansions.

The Nuvo-8108GC-XL is packed with great I/O features, all while the damping bracket and GPU stabilizing bar allow it to operate reliably in shock and vibration conditions.

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