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Networking & 5G

Product of the Week: ADLINK’s MECS-7120 Industrial Edge Server - Story

January 29, 2024

Industrial environments today are retrofitted with high-processing, low-latency, and real-time networking solutions that enable them to handle complex workloads and data analytics with reliability and efficiency.  


ADLINK Technology: IMB-M47 - Product

December 12, 2023

Product Description:

ADLINK's IMB-M47 ATX Motherboard is a driving force behind industrial automation, supporting 12th and 13th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ processors, and delivering substantial improvements in performance, capacity, and GPU support through its seven PCIe slots, PCIe 5.0 compatibility, DDR5 memory, and 2.5GbE PoE capability.

AI & Machine Learning

A Sit-Down with ADLINK Technology & The Basics of Engineering - Podcast

December 07, 2023

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, EVP and Brand Director, Rich Nass, sits down with Stephen Huang, ADLINK Technology President & COO to discuss the company’s upcoming ideas and innovations. 


Product of the Week: ADLINK’s MECS-6120 Edge Computing Platform with Intel Xeon D Processor - Story

December 04, 2023

Edge computing platforms benefit from compact and high performance computing capabilities, where devices placed in edge locations, industrial settings, and remote infrastructure environments have unimpeded access to real-time data processing, low latency, and space efficiency.


Product of the Week: ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform & Development Kit - Story

November 20, 2023

Cloud-to-edge development for real-time applications and compute-intensive tasks requires a suite of solutions encompassing modularity and scalability, high-performance capability, various I/O interfaces, as well as customization opportunities.

Open Source

Dev Kit Weekly: AMD-powered Advantech ASMB-831 Server Board - Video

November 17, 2023

As all forms of manufacturing become ever more automated, and creep closer to zero-touch, dark factory floors with little or no human intervention needed, those industrial enterprises are going to need sophisticated compute able to handle machine learning, AI and command and control at the Intelligent Edge. Enter the ASMB-831.

Networking & 5G

Smart Factories Run More Efficiently Thanks to MicroRAN 5G Private Network - Story

November 13, 2023

Today’s manufacturing facilities are far smarter than those of just a few years ago. The reasons behind that are many: