ADLINK: cExpress-MTL

June 19, 2024


ADLINK: cExpress-MTL
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Product Description:

ADLINK's cExpress-MTL is a COM Express®️ COM.0 R3.1 Type 6 Compact module featuring Intel’s latest Intel®️ Core™️ Ultra processors (formerly “Meteor Lake-U/H”). This module integrates CPU, GPU, and NPU into a single solution for the embedded market, offering up to 8 GPU Xe-cores (128 EUs), an 11pTOPS/8.2eTOPS NPU, and 14 CPU cores at 28W TDP.

The cExpress-MTL enhances designs with powerful GPU capabilities, hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding/decoding, dedicated AI acceleration, and support for PCIe Gen4 and USB4. It is ideal for battery-powered, performance-intensive edge applications such as portable medical ultrasound devices, industrial automation, autonomous driving, and AI robots.


  • Intel Core Ultra processor, Intel XeLPG GFX integration and up to 8 Xe -Cores
  • New integrated NPU for dedicated AI acceleration
  • All PCIe signals upgraded to Gen4
  • 2.5GbE Ethernet, with optional TSN
  • Up to 64GB DDR5 at 5600MT/s, in-band ECC/non-ECC
  • SoC power reduction

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