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ADLINK Introduces the First 80-core Com-HPC - News

October 25, 2021

ADLINK Technology introduced the COM-HPC Ampere Altra, the world’s first 80-core COM-HPC server type module that eliminates power-performance limitations. The COM-HPC Ampere Altra targets edge platforms that compute rigorous workloads, thus eliminating bottlenecks and restrictions typically caused by memory caches and system memory limits on edge devices.

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ADLINK Launches Edge Vision Analytics (EVA) Software Development Kit (SDK) to Accelerate Edge AI Vision - News

September 08, 2021

ADLINK Technology released EVA SDK, an edge vision analytics software designed to help users build a POC for AI-enabled machine vision solutions within two weeks.

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ADLINK Releases its First Server-Grade PXIe Controller, the PXIe-3988 - News

September 07, 2021

ADLINK Technology Inc. announced the release of its first server-grade PXIe controller.


ADLINK Launches First COM Express Module Featuring Intel CoreTM, Xeon, and Celeron 6000 Processors - News

August 09, 2021

ADLINK Technology introduced its new Express-TL COM Express Type 6 module with Intel CoreTM, Xeon W, and Celeron 6000 processors and octa-core (8-core) performance.


The COM-HPC Spec is Here and Products Are Starting to Emerge - Blog

July 05, 2021

COM-HPC was officially ratified about six months ago. Embedded Computing Design has done a nice job covering the spec and many of the products that have come out of the spec (some before ratification and many after). We also posted a series of videos (called COM-HPC Academy) with some of the influential members of PICMG, the standards body behind the spec.

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Assembling the Pieces of the AIoT Puzzle - Blog

June 01, 2021

Note: This is the fourth in a series of four blogs (and associated podcasts). First, I looked at what it means to be operating an AIoT platform. In the second, I went through some of the subsystems that go into that AIoT platform, drilling down into the nuts and bolts. The third covered AMRs.

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How Flexibility, Accessibility & AI Helped Xilinx Beat 2020 - Podcast

June 01, 2021

In this episode of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich wonder if residential solar power is really worth it. The question stems from Littelfuses’ release of 400PV Fuse series of photovoltaic solar fuses, which can be embedded directly into roof shingles or tiles. But with so much government meddling in the solar industry, and big energy looking to protect its existing interests, is it prudent, or even worth it, to bother with the technology?