Best in Show Nominee: ADLINK Technology - AI Camera Dev Kit

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: ADLINK Technology - AI Camera Dev Kit

Edge AI Vision applications become more and more common helping various industries to resolve real-life issues, whether is it detecting manufacturing defects or providing intelligent traffic analysis. Prototyping, however, can be very troublesome and time-consuming, as the developer has to spend time selecting vision system components including HW module, camera sensor, cabling, and more. And then have to integrate and debug all needed drivers and packages as well as OS or run AI vision applications. With this unique, all-in-one dev kit, prototyping and testing become easy and straightforward, just open the box and start building apps instantly, all you need in terms of HW and SW is provided and pre-installed. 

This product offering is unique in the AI Edge Vision field, no other kit of this type features such a complete and integrated package of HW and SW needed for fast prototyping. Designed to make Proof of Concept (PoC) easier, and faster, the ADLINK AI Camera Dev Kit integrates the NVIDIA Jetson Nano SOC, an 8MP color MIPI camera module, and validated software drivers to save effort on integration and solve compatibility issues. Users can immediately start development with the kit right out of the box. Built with the popular V4L2 video interface, users can easily leverage the included sample code or resources from NVIDIA repositories to enhance the kit, allowing them to conveniently prototype with little effort. 

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