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Dev Kit Weekly: ADLINK I-Pi Industrial IoT Prototyping Platform - Video

July 24, 2020

While maker boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great because of their ultra-low cost, they are, well, cheap. That's where I-Pi comes in. It's a SMARC COM, carrier and Hardware-Attached Top.

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Speeds Canteen/Restaurant Checkout - Story

June 03, 2020

A win-win solution improves customer satisfaction and drives sales.


The Need for Edge Video Analysis - Story

February 19, 2020

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to analyze images & videos, to detect & identify objects & people, & to derive actionable info.


New ADLINK Edge IoT solution Accelerates Digital Transformation for Industry with Faster, Easier & More Cost Effective Deployment - Blog

October 28, 2019

ADLINK Edge? IoT software enables industrial customers to access AI and drive real time decision making at the edge for optimized operational efficiency.

Networking & 5G

ADLINK Explains AI Training & 5G Multi-access Edge Computing Solutions at GTC 2019 - Video

April 09, 2019

Jeff Sharpe of ADLINK explains how the new 5G network infrastructure is closer than you think explains how the new 5G network infrastructure is closer than you think in this interview from GTC 2019.

AI & Machine Learning

GTC 2019: ADLINK Helps Machines Monitor Human Safety - Video

April 04, 2019

Joe Speed of ADLINK shows how a combination of technologies from AWS IoT, NVIDIA, and ADLINK combine in a deep learning system that improves efficiency and worker safety on a remote oil rig.


GTC 2019: ADLINK Industrial Platforms Emphasize Inferencing at the Edge - Video

April 04, 2019

Industrial-grade systems based on NVIDIA Quadro graphics enable deep learning in applications like manufacturing inspection. These capabilities are now integrated into popular hardware standardss