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Ken Briodagh is a writer and editor with two decades of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers, he would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars. In previous lives, he’s been a short order cook, telemarketer, medical supply technician, mover of the bodies at a funeral home, pirate, poet, partial alliterist, parent, partner and pretender to various thrones. Most of his exploits are either exaggerated or blatantly false.

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Analog & Power

Oracle Announces New AmpereOne Processor and Next-Gen A2 Compute - Story

September 20, 2023

Oracle Cloud World is this week in Las Vegas, and the news is coming fast and thick. Oracle announced that several new customers, including real-time video service companies 8x8 and Phenix and AI startup Wallaroo, are migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Ampere.


AMD Announces Kria K24 SoM for Motor Control and DSP - Story

September 19, 2023

The electric motor (or it’s little sibling, the actuator) is one of the most ubiquitous machines in today’s world, used in everything from automatic doors in retail locations to Tesla and robotic manufacturing arms.


Unigen Launches Compact Edge AI Computing Solutions - News

September 15, 2023

Unigen Corporation is launching the first of its line of Compact Edge AI Servers (Product Name: Cupcake) at the 2023 AI Hardware and Edge Summit.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning Suite Marries ML with MCU and MPU - Story

September 14, 2023

The path to industrial automation runs right through the machine learning curve, and every major player is looking to make those computing loads easier to bear.

Open Source

HLS Apps Get Boost via RISC-V and Bluespec - Story

September 13, 2023

Memory management can be the bane of any developer’s plans. Everything from address translation to coherence and projection is complex and performance-critical. Now, Bluespec, a company that provides RISC-V tools and silicon IP, is offering a path to ease the way.


For FPGA Security, Standardize and Certify the Hardware - Story

September 12, 2023

The Intelligent Edge is becoming increasingly important to Industrial, IoT, enterprise, and operations in almost every vertical. And the sensors, networks, and systems that need to operate at the Edge are increasingly dependent on FPGA and other embedded systems to accomplish their goals.


Is RISC-V on the Road to Automotive Dominance? - Story

September 08, 2023

RISC-V is the hot thing in embedded these days, it seems, with news hitting every day. We’ve looked at some of the key tools and players in the RISC-V space, and even seen several major players make moves this week.

Open Source

MIPS Plans Expansion, Pulls New CEO from TI - Story

September 06, 2023

The recent growth in RISC-V interest and adoption is hard to deny, and MIPS, a developer of high-performance RISC-V compute IP, is looking to grow right along with the rising tide.


New Mini IR Sensors Ready for Industrial or Consumer - News

September 01, 2023

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced three miniaturized infrared (IR) sensor modules for programmable remote control systems and have modular carrier output for code learning systems.

Software & OS

Java’s Got a Warmup Problem and Azul is ReadyNow to Solve It - News

August 30, 2023

Azul, a company that specializes in Java, has announced its new ReadyNow Orchestrator as an enhancement of its Azul Platform Prime, powered by ReadyNow technology.


Silicon Labs Announces Series 3 Embedded Platform for Smarter IoT, ML - Story

August 25, 2023

Silicon Labs, a company best known for its integrated hardware and software platform, recently hosted its fourth annual virtual Works With Developers Conference, which covered connectivity, security, AI/ML and many other key IoT-enablement technologies. At the show, the company announced its next-generation Series 3 platform, which is designed specifically for embedded IoT devices.

Open Source

Is RISC-V Worth the Risk? The Tools & Partners You Need to Know - Story

August 16, 2023

RISC-V is the hot, new thing on the Embedded Block, with nearly every industry talking about adopting, switching, or running pilot programs. But it’s unclear whether this decade-old architecture is delivering on all this hype as of yet. RISC-V was conceived about 15 years ago and first released about 10 years ago. Don’t think it’s untested tech, however.

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