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Articles related to onsemi

Understanding the Need for Cyber-Secure Image Sensors in ADAS and In-Cabin Monitoring Systems - Blog

November 02, 2023

It takes some effort to remind people why automotive cybersecurity is essential. With cars transitioning toward partial autonomous driving, it is becoming a growing concern for automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


Design Considerations and Solutions for Autonomous Mobile Robots - Blog

September 25, 2023

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are becoming increasingly common across many industries, including manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, agriculture, retail, hospitality and more. They provide several benefits, like higher efficiency, increased productivity, and safer work environments. 


Onsemi Announces Next Generation 1200 V EliteSiC M3S Devices for Electric Vehicles and Energy Infrastructure Applications - News

May 09, 2023

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – onsemi released the latest generation of automotive-qualified 1200 V EliteSiC silicon carbide (SiC) M3S devices designed for high-power OBCs up to 22 kW and high voltage to low voltage DC-DC converters.

Networking & 5G

Single Pair Ethernet Steps Onto the Factory Floor - Blog

April 07, 2023

Increasing data rates are usually the primary focus when new data communication protocols are developed. However, many of the countless sensors and actuators operating in industrial and building automation applications need more than fast data rates to work correctly. These edge devices are currently interconnected using a myriad of legacy multidrop protocols, which increase the complexity and cost for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in supporting them.

Analog & Power

Best in Show Nominee: onsemi's AR0822 - Product

March 10, 2023

onsemi’s AR0822 is an innovative image sensor that produces extraordinarily high-quality 4K video at 60 frames-per-second. It’s designed specifically to offer high performance in applications with challenging lighting conditions such as consumer/commercial security cameras, robotics, and industrial machine vision.

Analog & Power

Embedded Executive: Simon Keeton, EVP/GM, Power Solutions Group, onsemi - Podcast

February 15, 2023

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a hot technology. The topic/technology seems to be coming up more and more.

Analog & Power

onsemi Showcasing its 1700 V EliteSiC Family at CES 2023 - News

January 06, 2023

CES 2023. onsemi is highlighting its 1700 V EliteSiC silicon carbide (SiC) family at CES 2023. The series consists of the 1700 V EliteSiC MOSFET and two 1700 V avalanche-rated EliteSiC Schottky diodes. EliteSiC devices deliver dependable performance for industrial drive and energy infrastructure applications needing a Vgs range of -15 V/25 V for fast switching and control of gate voltages growing to -10V.