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Analog & Power

Alps Alpine Uses Siemens’ Symphony Platform to Verify Mixed-Signal Capacitance Detection IC - News

April 25, 2023

Alps Alpine used Siemens’ Symphony™ platform for mixed-signal applications when developing and verifying its new functionally safe capacitance detection integrated circuit (IC), which enables proximity, touch, and spatial gesture detection across a range of human-machine interface systems in applications like automotive and smart devices. The Symphony platform allowed Alps Alpine to achieve silicon accurate simulation for the new IC, increasing functional verification productivity by 5x.


The Smart Factory @ Wichita is Bringing Production Back to the U.S. - News

January 27, 2023

Nestled in Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus, Siemens Digital Industries Software has cut the red tape on the 3,000 SQFT eXplore Live at The Smart Factory @ Wichita. Deloitte and other partners will deliver a completely functional smart production line with exploratory labs for engineers to hone their skills. Deloitte combines an environment with industry leaders teaching innovative technologies and strategies needed for today's and tomorrow's Industry 4.0.


Industry Outlook 2023: Four IC Design Megatrends to Watch - Blog

December 20, 2022

Despite the uncertainties in the current economic and geopolitical landscape, 2022 was a stellar year for electronic innovation, and I am sure in 2023 we’ll see continued innovation in the IC and electronic systems design industry. Here are some megatrends in the industry that I think are worth monitoring in the year ahead.

Open Source

Siemens Brings Commercially Accepted Linux Support for RISC-V Architecture - News

December 13, 2022

RISC-V Summit, San Jose. Siemens Digital Industries Software announced that its security and cloud enabled Sokol Flex OS software, centered around the open-source Yocto Project industry standard, supports RISC-V embedded advancement with its customizable Linux platforms for the RISC-V architecture. “Siemens continues to show leadership within the RISC-V ecosystem with the launch of Sokol Flex OS for RISC-V,” said Krishnakumar Ramamoorthi, senior product marketing manager of Microchip Technology's FPGA business unit.

Software & OS

Industrial Metaverse Blueprints, Part 3: System Interoperability Requirements - Story

December 06, 2022

The third article in our metaverse series focuses on conceptual and metadata models that enable interoperability among connected digital twins in an industrial metaverse.

The concept of digital twins, taken to its ultimate potential, can create digital representations of nearly everything. Yet, much of the value of digital twins depends on the ability of distributed, heterogeneous systems to interoperate.


On-Demand Webcast: Empower sustainable aviation with digital twins - Podcast

November 09, 2022

To reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the aviation sector must rapidly accomplish its complete technology transformation.

AI & Machine Learning

An AI on Embedded Safety & Security Vulnerabilities - Podcast

October 28, 2022

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, we’re joined by Paul Butcher, Senior Software Engineer at AdaCore, to discuss how AI can make fuzz testing even more robust through the integration of techniques like symbolic execution and input-to-state correspondence that optimize test data sets against scenarios a system might encounter in the real world