Siemens Partners with AWS and Sony at CES 2024

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 09, 2024


Siemens Partners with AWS and Sony at CES 2024
Image Credit: Siemens

Las Vegas, Nevada. “We envision the industrial metaverse as a virtual world that is nearly indistinguishable from reality, enabling people — along with AI — to collaborate in real time to address real-world challenges,” stated Siemens CEO Roland Busch.

During CES 2024 Siemens will demonstrate innovations that combine real world applications with digital twins through immersive engineering and artificial intelligence, leveraging the Siemens Xcelerator and partnerships including AWS and its Bedrock and Mendix Low-Code platform, as well as Sony’s head mounted display.

Siemens will release its Siemens Xcelerator Developer Portal, an open-source innovative platform merging all Siemens APIs and developer resources, for more efficient productivity. With the help of Microsoft, the portal will support Chatbot, an AI “companion” to take your space and design into the metaverse.

Siemens and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Siemens is integrating Amazon Bedrock’s advanced generative AI technology with its Mendix low-code platform. The solution enables engineers to have the flexibility to select the specific generative AI model for the design use case and a faster time to deployment. With this combination developers can easily integrate the two with just a few mouse clicks and no longer need to obtain access to credentials. Users can also write specialized function code with the simplicity of a drag and drop interface.

“By integrating Amazon Bedrock into our low-code platform, we are democratizing generative AI technology and empowering everyone to create the applications customers need to become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable,” said Roland Busch, CEO of Siemens. “Making smarter applications without programming expertise accelerates innovation and helps companies to tackle skilled labor shortages.”

Use Cases:

  • Summarizing and analyzing lengthy technical or legal documents
  • Translating content into different languages
  • Integrating automatic fraud detection software for finance applications
  • Enhancing factory efficiency by leveraging AI analysis of millions of data points in the manufacturing line

Siemens and Sony

“At Sony, we are passionate about empowering creators with cutting-edge technologies, and in the field of spatial content creation, we have thrived in innovating the way they work by utilizing our proprietary motion and display technologies,” said Yoshinori Matsumoto, Executive Deputy President, and Officer in Charge of Technology and Incubation, Sony Corporation.

Siemens and Sony are combining the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio software with Sony’s new spatial content creation system to create an XR head-mounted 4K OLED display and controllers, enabling designers to create new ideas in an immersive and industrial metaverse environment.

“By combining our technologies and Siemens’ expertise in engineering, we are excited to enable more immersive engineering that redefines the daily workflow of designers and engineers,” Matsumoto continues.” 

Siemens CEO Roland Busch will give a keynote at CES showcasing how Siemens customers are using the Siemens Xcelerator open business platform to transform how we Live, Work, Play and Make.

Live – Siemens is unveiling its smart home energy management portfolio – Inhab -- delivering full transparency and control over energy consumption in real time as it analyzes how energy is distributed throughout a home.

Work – Siemens is demonstrating how its collaboration with Sony empowers engineers the freedom to bring together the virtual and physical worlds by immersing them in the industrial metaverse.

Play –The Siemens Experience at CES highlights how innovators are using the Siemens Xcelerator platform to transform how the world plays.

Make – Blendhub is using Siemens technology to tackle food insecurity and transform food production.

For more information, visit Siemens.

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