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AI & Machine Learning

How the Chip Shortage Will Drive Innovation & How AI Can Help - Podcast

August 30, 2021

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss the global chip shortage and the difference between price gouging, tough luck, and a need for innovation.

Software & OS

Commercial or In-House Tools for Electrical/Electronic Systems Development? - Story

May 06, 2021

Many products rely on sophisticated electrical/electronic (E/E) systems to deliver their end user functionality.


TSMC Certifies Aprisa Place-And-Route Solution from Siemens on TSMC‘s N6 process - News

April 22, 2021

Siemens announced that its collaboration with foundry partner TSMC has resulted in the certification of its Aprisa place-and-route solution for TSMC’s advanced N6 process.

Analog & Power

Siemens Introduces PCBflow, a Cloud-Based Solution for Accelerating Design-To-Manufacturing Handoff for PCBs - News

April 05, 2021

Siemens introduced PCBflow, a cloud-based software solution designed to bridge the gap between the electronics design and manufacturing ecosystems.


Surprise! eBay Helped A Hacker Model Your ICS - Story

March 19, 2021

Cybersecurity firm Dragos recently released its annual Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Year in Review Report for 2020, which shows that threats targeting ICS and OT infrastructure tripled last year. The 703 identified vulnerabilities were underscored by the company’s findings that roughly 90 percent of its clients had little to no visibility into their ICS environments beyond the IT/OT network boundary.


Threat Modeling & Intelligence While Working from Home - Podcast

March 19, 2021

During a recorded presentation from  embedded world 2021, Rich and Brandon are joined by Technology Editor Curt Schwaderer, who doubles as Vice President of Engineering at intelligence and security provider Yaana Technologies. The three discuss how the tech industry in particular and connected organizations in general have transitioned from protecting devices from attacks to accepting they will be hacked and mitigating losses to modern threat intelligence and modeling strategies. They then look at this evolution through the lens of employees, who are handling and working with sensitive information and IP, working from home.

Analog & Power

How are Future Energy Consumption Trends Enhancing Substation Automation Prospects? - Story

March 16, 2021

With the scramble to secure efficient and renewable energy sourced power and electricity requirements, industry giants are expected to leverage three prominent approaches to streamline distribution capabilities: accelerating carbon neutral delivery; augmenting virtual reality capacities and striving for democratic; and decentralized business models