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MathWorks Announces Release 2022a for MATLAB and Simulink Products - News

March 15, 2022

MathWorks introduced Release 2022a of the MATLAB and Simulink product families. Release 2022a (R2022a) offers hundreds of new and updated features and functions in MATLAB and Simulink, along with five new products and 11 major updates

Software & OS

What Does 'Real-Time' Mean for Engineering Decisions? - Story

December 21, 2021

Real-time data is everywhere, generated by sensors that are embedded within a diverse range of technologies including automated vehicles, manufacturing equipment, and medical devices. But what does “real-time” really mean for engineering decisions, and more importantly, how is real-time data used?

Software & OS

Embedded Executive: Heather Gorr, Senior Product Manager, MathWorks - Podcast

December 01, 2021

There are many applications that require real-time interactions. Automotive certainly fits into that category. But the term “real time” is bothersome to me, as it’s not something that’s achievable.

AI & Machine Learning

Ensuring AI Success in Manufacturing - Blog

October 14, 2021

AI offers a number of new applications for engineers in the manufacturing industry. In order to provide full value, the AI model needs to be integrated into the whole manufacturing process, which is running nonstop, seven days a week.

AI & Machine Learning

Why Organizations Should Consider Predictive Maintenance Models - Blog

June 14, 2021

For industrial equipment operators, who are constantly being pushed to reduce downtime (leading to more frequent equipment use) and decrease maintenance costs (which typically rise as equipment is used), predictive maintenance has shifted from a “nice-to-have” to a must-have.

AI & Machine Learning

Embedded Executive: Johanna Pingel, Product Manager, MathWorks - Podcast

March 31, 2021

This week’s podcast guest, Johanna Pingel, a Product Manager at MathWorks, said that engineers should be concerned with the AI workflow.

AI & Machine Learning

Embedded AI: Out of the Lab and into the Field - Podcast

March 26, 2021

How do we transition from our historical lack of understanding about what’s going on under the hood of complex neural networks, and into an era of AI explainability around how these models operate?