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Articles related to NVIDIA

Perform AI at the Edge with NGC-ready Hardware - Video

April 09, 2021

A key technology behind AI at the Edge is the GPU. Harnessing the complexity of the GPU for applications like inferencing is not something that’s easily digestible for the novice engineer. That’s where folks like Lanner come into play. With the company’s Edge AI Appliance LEC-2290 system, engineers can focus on the specific application without having to deal with the underlying hardware.


Neousys Technology Releases the Nuvo-8108GC-XL Edge AI GPU Computing Platform - News

March 29, 2021

Neousys Technology announced the release of its Nuvo-8108GC-XL, an edge AI GPU computing platform supporting the NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPU card up to RTX 3080 and Intel Xeon E, 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ processors.


Maximize NVIDIA Technology When Deploying AI at the Edge - Blog

March 29, 2021

The race to develop Edge AI servers is on, and it’s a hotly contested race.


Automate Your Logistics Operations Using AMRs to Increase Productivity and Efficiency - Blog

March 26, 2021

The e-commerce and online retail industries are experiencing exponential growth, resulting in more stringent demands being placed on logistics operations worldwide. Logistics companies and their suppliers are relying on automation more than ever to increase productivity and efficiency.

AI & Machine Learning

Embedded AI: Out of the Lab and into the Field - Podcast

March 26, 2021

How do we transition from our historical lack of understanding about what’s going on under the hood of complex neural networks, and into an era of AI explainability around how these models operate?


Using AI Techniques for Improved Medical Imaging - Blog

March 18, 2021

The analysts all agree—the spend for AI hardware (and software) will be going through the roof in short order.

AI & Machine Learning

K210 AI Accelerator a Compact Raspberry Pi HAT for Computer Vision Applications - Story

March 10, 2021

XaLogics’s AI Accelerator with K210 SoC comes with a dual-core RISC-V AI processor featuring low power consumption than its competing Coral USB Accelerator, and Intel Neural Compute Stick 2.