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NVIDIA GTC 22: Heavy-Duty Worker - AI Rugged Computer RPC RSL A3 Powered by NVIDIA Jetson - Press Release

May 03, 2022

Syslogic's newest AI Rugged Computer RPC RSL A3 E2 is based on an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module and meets protection classes IP67 and IP69. This makes it possible for NVIDIA technology to be used in demanding industrial environments. The AI computer serves as a hardware base for agricultural robots, autonomous construction machines, or for special vehicles.

AI & Machine Learning

Product of the Week: Syslogic's NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial-based Rugged Computer - Story

November 02, 2021

A hallmark of proven technology is viability in rugged industrial applications. And a true measure of that viability is how it performs under the rigors of mobile applications.

Rugged mobile systems architects can now check both boxes while adding cutting edge AI capabilities to their designs by adopting Syslogic's NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier-based Rugged Computer, the RML A3.


Syslogic Integrates Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Computer-on-Module into its Vehicle and Railway Computers - News

July 01, 2021

Used for intelligent video analysis, computer vision, robotics, and autonomous driving, Nvidia also added an industrial variant of the Jetson AGX Xavier for harsh environmental conditions.


Syslogic Integrates New Nvidia Jetson Module TX2 NX Into Their Embedded Systems - News

March 01, 2021

Nvidia added the TX2 NX to the Jetson product family.



Syslogic AI-embedded computers receive ECE-R10 type approval (E-mark) - Press Release

June 05, 2020

Syslogic manufactures embedded computers that are used in vehicles and mobile systems. The computers are often used as a VCU (vehicle control unit).


New AI computer based on NVIDIA's Jetson Xavier NX - now in development - Blog

May 20, 2020

Syslogic is integrating the Jetson Xavier NX module for GPU-accelerated computing into robust embedded systems to make it suitable for industrial use.


Syslogic, a NVIDIA Jetson Partner, Releases Two Vehicle Computers - News

April 02, 2020

Syslogic a member of the NVIDIA Jetson partner program, announced I has completed its artificial intelligence applications portfolio the the RS A2 and RM A2 vehicle computers.