Embedded Specialist Syslogic and Camera Pioneer e-con Systems form a Partnership

July 12, 2022

Press Release

Embedded Specialist Syslogic and Camera Pioneer e-con Systems form a Partnership
STURDeCAM25 IP67 Global Shutter GMSL2 Multi-Camera

Syslogic and e-con Systems are members of the NVIDIA Jetson Partner Network. Syslogic offers robust embedded computers, e-con Systems specializes in innovative camera technology. Now the two companies have joined forces to advance computer vision.

Computer vision applications are driving technological progress across industries and enabling end-to-end autonomy. By means of AI-enabled embedded systems, camera data is evaluated virtually in real time to enable autonomous decisions. The hardware at the core of computer vision and inference applications are AI-enabled industrial computers and compatible cameras.

Hardware package for demanding environments

The partnership between embedded specialist Syslogic and camera pioneer e-con Systems is a logical step. Both companies are part of the NVIDIA partner network. Now e-con Systems and Syslogic offer embedded systems and GMSL2 cameras that are specially tuned to each other.

For example, Syslogic's  AI Rugged Computer RML A3 is compatible with the automotive camera STURDeCAM21 from e-con Systems. The camera and rugged computer are both specifically  designed for use in vehicles. The hardware package can therefore be used in agricultural and special-purpose vehicles as well as in construction machinery or automotive applications.

STURDeCAM25and STURDeCAM20 are further camera types that can be used in combination with Syslogic devices. In general, such a hardware solution makes sense wherever computer vision meets demanding environmental conditions.

Michael Jung, Product Manager at Syslogic, says: "The IP67 rated cameras from e-con Systems and our AI computers complement each other ideally." The two companies will be offering their customers a tried and tested complete computer vision solution for demanding applications, Jung says.