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Using Imagination Around Arm & RISC-V - Podcast

December 17, 2021

Champions of the open-standard ISA expect it to start displacing competitive offerings en masse over the next few years. While that remains to be seen, the introduction of custom RISC-V instruction extensions, the formation industry-specific working groups, and advances in tools are redefining the technology’s true winners.

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Not Enough Chips, and There Won't Be for a Long Time, Supplyframe Says - Story

November 05, 2021

As the semiconductor shortage continues to wreak havoc on the electrical industry, more component supply dimensions are falling into the red, pushing predicted market stabilization dates even further back.


When the Chips Are Down: Feedback from the Semiconductor Shortage - Podcast

April 23, 2021

In this episode of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss Silicon Laboratories recent divestiture of its infrastructure and automotive business units to SkyWorks Solutions. The sale includes the company’s power, isolation, broadcast, timing, and other products and IP. Silicon Labs CEO Tyson Tuttle said several years ago that the company is “all-in” on IoT, and this move appears to be him keeping his word. But was it the best move?


Embedded Insiders Podcast: The Immortal 8-bit - Podcast

February 12, 2021

In this edition of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss factors and use cases that have kept the 8-bit MCU alive much longer than anyone expected.


Surveys Say There's A New Normal in the Electronics Industry - Podcast

June 11, 2020

"2020 Trends in Electronics Sourcing" report dives deep into the ways that COVID-19 has impacted the global supply chain, and the ramifications that has had on the engineering community.

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Embedded World 2019 Highlights - Part One - News

March 07, 2019

A key trade show in the electronic design engineering community, Embedded World is where people come to meet and exchange the latest information, products, ideas, and technology.