5G & Standardized Sensors: Let the Edge Scaling Commence!

February 03, 2022

5G & Standardized Sensors: Let the Edge Scaling Commence!

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich ponder the possible reasons NVIDIA’s acquisition of Arm is on the brink of collapse.

After considering how difficult the IP company is to move to other semiconductor giants, they recall how Venkat Matella, former CEO and founder of Redpine Signals, was able to move some of his IP to Silicon Labs. But the operative word there is some, as he’s using what remains to launch a new launch a new low-energy supercomputing chip startup.
For more on Matella’s latest venture, Ceremorphic, Inc., visit ceremorphic.com.

Then, Steve Douglas, Head of Market Strategy at Spirent, talks to Associate Editor Tiera Oliver about the 5G trends we can expect to impact the embedded edge in 2022. It’s not about how connected you are, it’s about how connected you (and your devices) are gonna be with tech from 3GPP Release 17, Release 18, and beyond.

For more information on the global 5G rollout, check out Spirent’s 2021 5G Report at spirent.com/assets/the-spirent-2021-5g-report-mid-year-addendum.

Finally, have you ever tried to build a smart sensor? If you’re not steeped in writing sensor firmware, even if you have tried, you probably didn’t get very far. But if we can’t create smart sensors quickly and at scale, how will we ever realize the full potential of IoT? It’s standardization time, as Brandon reveals the latest specification from the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer’s Group, or PICMG, which is designed to make smart sensor configuration so simple even a product manager could do it.

For more on PICMG IoT.1, including detailed explanations, code samples, diagrams, and more, read the series “Make Any Sensor a Smart Sensor with PICMG IoT.1” on the embeddedcomputing.com website or find a full-picture description of PICMG’s Industrial IoT initiatives at picmg.org/industrial-iot-overview.