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ESP32 Now Supports Open Source Embedded Microservices Architecture - News

September 22, 2022

Espressif Systems’ ESP32 MCU is now supported by the open-source Luos containerization platform, which enables lightweight microservices to run on embedded systems. Luos’ leverages a simple API to dynamically link one or more microservices on the same hardware target, multiple hardware targets, a host PC, or the cloud, which modularizes and simplifies IoT management and updates.


BrakTooth Bluetooth Vulnerability Crashes Devices, Reveals Need for IoT Device Testing - Story

November 05, 2021

IoT devices are everywhere – including most people’s pockets, workspaces, and living rooms. So hackers invading networks to steal data or hijack electronic devices is a common and justifiable fear.

AI & Machine Learning

Espressif Providing Support for the AIoT Market with its Dual-Core ESP32-S3 - Story

March 05, 2021

The AIoT market needs some help in terms of processing, security, and software support. In order to gain the assistance that’s needed, semiconductor solutions need to step up and meet five key demands: