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Debug & Test

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces Low-Cost, High-Quality Oscilloscope - News

January 16, 2018

With a starting price of $835, the eight-in-one instrument aims to accommodate users in the field of education, engineers with low budgets, and hobbyists.


Learn how to use virtualization to enable your safety-certified IoT critical infrastructure system - Other

September 18, 2017

Learn how to use virtualization to enable your safety-certified IoT critical infrastructure system in day two of Embedded University?s three-day online course.


Learn how to design safe, secure, and reliable IoT critical infrastructure systems - Other

September 13, 2017

This class, led by Charles J. Lord, PE, President and Chief Trainer at Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation, will teach you how to adapt and stay relevant in this new software-defined world.

Open Source

EPC introduces class-E, GaN-based differential mode development board - Other

August 23, 2017

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation has announced the EPC9083, a GaN-based differential mode development board that can operate up to 15 MHz.

Analog & Power

Flex to Buy Ericsson Power Modules business - News

June 22, 2017

Ericsson has signed with Flex to divest Ericsson Power Modules, excluding the brand. This includes a manufacturing site in China and business assets in Sweden.

Analog & Power

Learn how to protect against overcurrent damage in non-mobile applications - Blog

June 14, 2017

In an electric power system, overcurrent resulting from short circuits, excessive load, incorrect design, or a ground fault can lead to excessive generation of heat, and the risk of fire or damage...

Analog & Power

Learn how to design for safety in battery-powered applications - Press Release

June 07, 2017

“A battery is really a bomb.” That’s what Qichao Hu, founder of SolidEnergy Systems, a battery- technology startup in Woburn, told the Boston Globe last year. Recent headlines seem to bolster that...


Device management 101: IoT device management - Other

March 21, 2017

How we can effectively commission, monitor, and detect problems in the “Things” of the IoT – our nodes and devices – throughout their lifecycle? Join us on March 23 at 11 a.m. EDT for the third...


Device Management 101: Monitoring and Securing IoT Data and Communications - News

March 17, 2017

Whether collecting a simple room temperature reading or capturing a video frame for analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to collect huge...


embedded world 2017: Intrinsyc IP camera reference design supports real-time video processing - Other

February 24, 2017

Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation now offers the Open‐Q 650 IP Camera Reference Design for IP camera development or developing edge video processing software, such as motion detection, face...


System in package designs provide big integration for SWaP-sensitive systems - Other

February 08, 2017

System in packages (SiPs) promise to take integration to the next level –past the limits of lithography, in a sense – packing more performance and more battery life in a smaller form factors for...


Asset monitoring improves product quality and energy efficiency in the cold chain - Other

January 26, 2017

The cold chain is the temperature controlled supply chain that brings us precious commodities like fresh food and medical supplies that require refrig...


Hardware agnostic IoT solution takes customization to the next level - Other

January 16, 2017

Last year,, an Internet of Things (IoT) software platform company, put forth a universal interoperability and artificial intelligence platform fo...

Software & OS

Choose the right software for your IoT solution - Other

December 14, 2016

You've chosen your processor. You've built out your application. Now you have to make it run ­- but which operating system, other runtime software, a...


Build out your IoT application - Other

December 13, 2016

You've chosen your processor for your Internet of Things (IoT) application and you're ready to move forward in the design process. What's your next st...


Choose the right processor for your IoT application - Other

December 12, 2016

If you've been shopping around for the perfect processor for your Internet of Things (IoT) solution, you may be feeling a little dizzy from weighing t...


What do you need from an industrial storage device? - Other

December 07, 2016

Industrial solid state drives (SSDs) based on NAND flash memory have the clear advantage for avoiding expensive downtime when built in memory fails: T...

Debug & Test

How to avoid concurrency defects in IoT applications - Other

November 14, 2016

As Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications become more complex, the use of multi-core processors and multi-threading applications becomes ne...


WICED Studio 4 enables designs with multiple wireless protocols - Other

November 08, 2016

When Broadcom sold it's Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) business to Cypress, many were left scratching their heads: Why, in the midst of such optimi...


3D printing 102: Application beyond prototyping - Other

October 21, 2016

You've likely heard about using 3D printing for prototyping, but 3D printing also has useful applications beyond the design stage. If you're intereste...

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