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Eight-channel R&S MXO 5 Oscilloscopes - News

October 31, 2023

Munich, Germany. Rohde & Schwarz released its four or eight channel R&S MXO 5 oscilloscopes built on Rohde & Schwarz’s next-generation MXO-EP processing ASIC technology ensuring more signal activity in both time and frequency domains over competing oscilloscopes. The eight-channel R&S MXO 5 oscilloscope is the first of its kind with 4.5 million acquisitions and 18 million waveforms per second across multiple channels.


Rohde & Schwarz Delivers Security Scanners on the Fly - News

July 06, 2023

After the pandemic, an employee shortage was disabling Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s process of quickly moving passengers through security lines. To rectify the situation, the airport installed R&S QPS201 security scanners to keep up with its post-COVID traveler inundation. The R&S QPS201 delivers speedier and more comfortable individual screening, lowering the need for invasive pat-downs.

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The Solve: Debug Infrequent Events with R&S MXO 4 ‘Scopes - Story

January 20, 2023

Failure to identify infrequent events when debugging waveforms can cost engineering teams a lot of time and money later in the development cycle.

Debug & Test

CES 2023: Rohde & Schwarz Presents Automotive Radar and Ultra-Wideband Testing Solutions - News

December 28, 2022

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, from January 5 to January 8, 2023, in West Hall at booth 6757, Rohde & Schwarz will be showcasing a variety of automotive radar and ultra-wideband testing solutions.

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A Robot-Based RF Automotive Testing Platform from Rohde & Schwarz and Löhnert Elektronik - News

December 20, 2022

Löhnert Elektronik and Rohde & Schwarz released an automated turnkey system for bumper production radar transparency testing established on its R&S QAR50. The announced R&S QAR50-R enables direct positioning of measurement antennas for quick, precise, and accessible testing.


Rohde & Schwarz Fuels RF Power Measurements to 90GHZ - News

November 16, 2022

Munich. Rohde & Schwarz released its new R&S NRP90S and R&S NRP90SN power sensors with a frequency scale of 50 MHz to 90 GHz, dynamic range from -70 dBm to 20 dBm, and speeds of 50,000 measurements per second.

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Cubtek Partners with Rohde & Schwarz and NXP for 4D Imaging Radar - News

October 28, 2022

Cubtek Inc. with assistance from Rohde & Schwarz’s network analyzers (R&SZVA) are progressing the innovation of 4D imaging radar for RF measurement of the E-band utilizing the  R&SZVA-Zxxx millimeterwave converter. Employing the NXP’s S32R45 radar MPU and RFCMOS radar transceiver TEF82XX, the 4D imaging radar platform has enough bandwidth for 12 output and 16 input 77GHz antenna channels. With MMO technology, the virtual antennas can increase to 192.