Senior Director, System Applications Engineering


Kim has been working in the semiconductor industry for over 35 years with experiences in product development, product/test engineering, to applications engineering. Over his career, he has been involved extensively with analog/mixed-signal, high-speed communications and signaling, and RF/mmWave technologies. Kim is currently the Sr. Director of System Applications Engineering at Infineon Technologies where he manages the team that supports their RF/mmWave and sensor products.

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RF Motion Sensors Up the Accuracy Big Time - Blog

March 14, 2022

Our homes are getting smarter. There’s no question about that. In many cases, it’s an active effort, where the user adds smart lighting, thermostats, voice-enabled devices, and so on. And in some cases, it’s a passive effort, like when the utility companies add a device onto their (your?) meter to read and possibly adjust the amount of service to your home. Or when the alarm company installs a motion detector.

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