Sr. Staff Product Marketing Manager

Synopsys, Inc.

Manuel Mota is a senior staff product marketing manager in the Synopsys Solutions Group. He has extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, with expertise in high-speed IO protocols, analog and mixed-signal designs, and wireless IP. Manuel has a Ph.D. in electronics from Instituto Superior Tecnico.

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Why UCIe Is an Integral Interconnect for Multi-Die Systems - Blog

November 08, 2022

As multi-die systems grow more prevalent in the semiconductor space, the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) specification is taking center stage.


How the Rise of Data Center Disaggregation Creates Demand for Co-Packaged Optics - Blog

May 24, 2022

From online transactions to streaming videos and big data analytics, data centers are proving to be the workhorses of our smart, connected world. Higher volumes of data coupled with increasingly complex data are causing a shift in data center architectures. A new trend has emerged in data center architectures to address these two underlying forces: data center disaggregation.

Articles 1 - 2