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Srinivas is a Marketing professional at Softnautics working on techno-commercial write-ups, marketing research and trend analysis. He is a marketing enthusiast with 6+ years of experience belonging to diversified industries. He loves to travel and is fond of adventures.

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AI & Machine Learning

The Benefits and Techniques of Machine Learning in Embedded Systems - Story

July 20, 2022

Owing to revolutionary developments in computer architecture and ground-breaking advances in AI & machine learning applications, embedded systems technology is going through a transformational period.


How Automotive HMI Solutions Enhance the In-Vehicle Experience - Blog

April 07, 2022

With new-age technologies, customers now have higher expectations from their vehicles than ever before. Many are more concerned with in-car interfaces than with aesthetics or engine power. The majority of drivers desire a vehicle that makes their lives easier and supports their favorite smartphone apps.


The Role of Machine Vision in Manufacturing - Story

April 01, 2022

Machine Vision has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Companies can profit from the technology's enhanced flexibility, decreased product faults, and improved overall production quality. The ability of a machine to acquire images, evaluate them, interpret (the situation), and then respond appropriately is known as Machine Vision.

AI & Machine Learning

Applications and Benefits of Edge AI - Blog

March 08, 2022

Edge AI is the combination of edge computing and edge intelligence to run machine learning tasks directly on end devices. It generally consists of an in-built microprocessor and sensors, while the data processing task is completed locally and stored at the edge node end. The implementation of machine learning models in edge AI will decrease the latency rate and improve the network bandwidth.

Articles 1 - 4