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Sometimes Acquisitions Work Out, and Sometimes They Don’t - Blog

October 19, 2021

Acquisitions in our space are pretty common. Sometimes they make a lot of sense, sometimes they make me scratch my head.


Real Time Locating from Dialog Semiconductor and Carnival Cruises - News

September 07, 2021

Dialog Semiconductor announced a partnership with Carnival Corporation to integrate Dialog’s Wireless Ranging (WiRa) technology into Carnival’s OceanMedallion wearable devices for proximity-based locating.


Longevity is Crucial for the Industrial Market - Story

March 15, 2021

There have been many changes in the Industrial market over the years. We have progressed from Industry 1.0 and the creation of large-scale factories and mass mechanization, to where we are today.

Analog & Power

GreenPAK AC-Power Cycle Skip Control with System Monitoring - Story

March 09, 2021

Most home-based electrical appliances generally use AC power for operation. Cycle skip logic can be used in appliances such as AC dimmers, heaters, and cookers.


Dialog Semi, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Reach Agreement to License CBRAM Technology - News

October 19, 2020

Dialog Semiconductor and GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced an agreement in which Dialog will license its conductive bridging RAM (CBRAM) technology to GF.

Debug & Test

Peak-to-Peak Frequency Monitoring - Story

October 06, 2020

The peak-to-peak method is used with real-world analog signals, often originating from analog sensors.


Dialog Semiconductor's FusionHD NOR Flash Memory Compatible and Qualified with its SmartBond Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless MCUs - News

August 13, 2020

According to the company, the DA1469x devices provide the processing power, resources, range and battery life needed for today's IoT products.