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Link Labs Launches SuperTag Hub, an IoT Solution for Real-Time Indoor, Outdoor, and On-the-Move Asset Tracking - News

December 20, 2021

Link Labs announced the release of SuperTag Hub, an affordable, easy-to-implement IoT device for boosting supply chain visibility for organizations of all sizes.


Link Labs' Rechargeable SuperTag IoT Device: Asset Tracking Made More Sustainable - News

December 08, 2021

Link Labs announced the release of its Rechargeable SuperTag IoT device to solve a common problem with asset tracking across various industries — the need to replace batteries when they run out of power. An all-in-one indoor, outdoor, and on-the-road solution, Rechargeable SuperTag can be recharged hundreds of times and can be configured as a hub to scan and uplink data for up to 1,000 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) tags.


Link Labs Releases Its Patented Xtreme Low Energy (XLE) Technology - News

August 23, 2021

Link Labs announced the release of its Xtreme Low Energy (XLE) technology for IoT asset tracking. A patented wireless communication method, XLE is designed to extend the battery life of Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) tags by more than 400%, or by up to three years longer, and enables accuracy in asset location within one meter.

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Link Labs Releases AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit - News

February 02, 2021

Link Labs announced the release of the AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit.