Link Labs Launches SuperTag Hub, an IoT Solution for Real-Time Indoor, Outdoor, and On-the-Move Asset Tracking

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 20, 2021


Link Labs Launches SuperTag Hub, an IoT Solution for Real-Time Indoor, Outdoor, and On-the-Move Asset Tracking

Link Labs announced the release of SuperTag Hub, an affordable, easy-to-implement IoT device for boosting supply chain visibility for organizations of all sizes.

As an access point and gateway, SuperTag Hub connects to surrounding tags and sends asset location and condition information to the cloud, enabling real-time indoor, outdoor, and on-the-move asset tracking for users.

According to Link Labs, AirFinder SuperTag is a first-of-its-kind commercial IoT tracking device that blends four different technologies – GPS/GNSS, WiFi location lookup, Cell ID, and Link Labs’ AirFinder Indoor Positioning Network – to provide continuous, end-to-end visibility of assets in both indoor and outdoor environments. It transitions from one technology to another, as needed and depending upon conditions, and allows for flexible configurations based on the requirements of each specific application.

With SuperTag Hub, surrounding Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) tags do not send location information to a beacon. Instead, the SuperTag solution is configured with a filter mask that scans for Bluetooth LE data in the area at specified intervals and updates its location with each scan. Even if no Bluetooth LE tags are detected, the SuperTag will send an uplink with its location. Intuitive filter parameters determine how frequently tag data is sent to the cloud. The cloud then determines whether a tag is “active” or “lost,” providing organizations with complete visibility of their assets in real-time, streamlining loss prevention, compliance, process efficiencies, and inventory management.

Further, users can set the frequency for tags to update when movement is detected and leverage geofences to trigger alerts when the tag is leaving a zone, moving into a zone, or moving between zones. SuperTag Hub delivers low cost and a small form factor for peripheral Bluetooth LE tags because of the hardware cost and because data is aggregated by the hub, which saves on monthly cellular charges.

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