Link Labs Releases AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 02, 2021


Link Labs Releases AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit
(Image Courtesy of Link Labs)

Link Labs announced the release of the AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit.

AirFinder is a commercial tracking device that combines five technologies, including GPS/GNSS, WiFi location lookup, Cell ID, Polte, and Link Labs’ AirFinder Indoor Positioning Network. The capabilities provide continuous, end-to-end visibility in indoor and outdoor environments.

Per a company press release, the kit includes:

  • Four AirFinder SuperTag Pro tags

  • Four Indoor, battery-powered location beacons

  • One AirFinder SuperTag mounting bracket

  • Batteries and other necessary mounting hardware

  • Free 90-day AirFinder web app trial (includes cellular data usage)

The evaluation kit’s configurability provides users the ability to control update rates and location technology prioritization.

Further, the data taken from each device is moved to the AirFinder web app or to customer databases via extensible APIs.

AirFinder supports FOTA upgrades to ensure its capabilities are evolving. Additionally, it achieves an IP67 rating for outdoor deployments.
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