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Networking & 5G

Texas Instruments Introduce DP83TD510E, Ethernet Physical Layer - News

October 09, 2020

Texas Instruments introduced the DP83TD510E, an ethernet physical layer (PHY) that is able to transmit 10 Mbps ethernet signals up to 1.7 km through a single paif of twisted wires.


Texas Instruments Releases Custom Version of the PSpice Simulator - News

September 17, 2020

Texas Instruments released a custom version of the PSpice® simulator from Cadence Design Systems, enabling engineers the ability to simulate complex analog circuits.

Analog & Power

Texas Instruments Introduces TPS63900 DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter - News

September 08, 2020

Texas instruments introduced the TPS63900 DC/DC buck-boost converter; the company is calling it the industry's first.

Open Source

Dev Kit Weekly: T.I. SimpleLink Multi-Band CC1352R Wireless MCU Launchpad SensorTag Kit - Video

June 26, 2020

The dual-band, multi-protocol CC1352R SimpleLink wireless MCU that supports both 2.4 GHz technologies like Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5 Low Energy, Zigbee, and Thread, as well as Sub-GHz connectivity.

Software & OS

NASA, Texas Instruments to Host Virtual Coding Competition - News

April 23, 2020

Texas Instruments (TI) and NASA announced they are collaborating to create a space-themed coding contest for middle and high school students.

Analog & Power

TI Claims First 500-mW Isolated DC/DC Converter With Integrated Transformer - News

February 13, 2020

Texas Instruments introduced an IC with a proprietary integrated transformer technology. The UCC12050 500mW high-efficiency isolated DC/DC converter offers the industry?s lowest electromagnetic interf


Advanced Embedded Systems Drive Next-Generation Automotive Applications - Story

January 27, 2020

Highly-integrated processors are needed to support the advanced functionalities a next-generation vehicle must deliver