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Debug & Test

How to Troubleshoot Embedded Device Software Faster with a Static Call Flow Browser - Story

November 16, 2021

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have grown exponentially thanks to advances in low-cost, integrated system-on-chip devices with both radio-frequency connectivity and microcontroller cores.

Analog & Power

Texas Instruments Announces New Buck/Boost Converter with Industry’s Lowest IQ - News

November 03, 2021

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a new bidirectional buck/boost converter with an ultra-low quiescent current (IQ) of 60 nA – one-third the IQ of competing boost converters.

Analog & Power

The (Accidental) Invention of the LED - Story

October 20, 2021

From the lamp in your living room to unpleasantly bright headlights, LEDs are everywhere these days. So much so that we take them for granted, and the long, almost completely accidental road it took for them to reach a light socket near you.


Texas Instruments Announces New MCU Portfolio - News

July 12, 2021

Texas Instruments introduced a new high-performance microcontroller (MCU) portfolio designed to advance real-time control, networking, and analytics applications at the edge.

Analog & Power

TI Announces New Humidity Sensors - News

July 05, 2021

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced their new humidity sensors designed to provide improved reliability, accuracy, and low power consumption – along with built-in protection of sensing elements.

Analog & Power

TI Announces New Family of SAR ADCs - News

June 09, 2021

Texas Instruments (TI) expanded its portfolio of high-speed data converters with a new family of successive-approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) designed to enable high-precision data acquisition in industrial designs.


Product of the Week: Texas Instruments' Sitara AM6442 Real-Time Networked Processor - Blog

May 04, 2021

Increased demand for functionality in Industry 4.0 and 5.0 environments means that embedded systems are becoming more complex. And as system capabilities grow, a single processor often won’t cut it. So Texas Instruments keeps adding others.