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D3's mmWave Radar Sensor Leverages TI's AWRL1432 - News

August 15, 2023

Rochester, New York. D3 is now offering its DesignCore RS-L1432U mmWave Radar Sensor leveraging the AWRL1432 from Texas Instruments (TI). The solution utilizes various mmWave radar algorithms to measure, detect, and track in a 1-inch cube form factor, while also using lower power with a decrease in volume costs for automotive applications such as park assist, kick-to-open, and collision avoidance.

Analog & Power

D3 Engineering Announces Automotive Antenna-on-Package mmWave Sensors with Texas Instruments RFIC - News

April 29, 2021

D3 Engineering, a Texas Instruments platinum design partner, announced their DesignCore RS-1843AOP and RS-1843AOPU mmWave Radar Sensors.


D3 Engineering Collaborates with Microsoft to Deploy Time of Flight Imaging Technology in Industrial Applications - News

February 01, 2021

Access to Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform program is designed to enhance D3 Engineering’s deployment of Time of Flight imaging technology



D3 Engineering Releases DesignCore Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Module - News

April 13, 2020

D3 Engineering announced the release of its new DesignCore? Carrier Board. The board was developed so engineers can quickly connect multiple cameras or sensors with the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module.


D3 Engineering Launches Automotive Vision Development Kit Based on TI TDA4VM SoC - News

January 10, 2020

The production-intent kit was designed to automotive temperature ranges and includes an automotive-grade power design with reverse battery protection, helping accelerate the design of ADAS systems.


New TDA2Px/DRA77xP dev kit from D3 Engineering speeds ADAS, autonomous system design through production - Blog

October 29, 2018

Rugged kit supports on-vehicle evaluation of technology, rapid development of A-samples, streamlined path to producti