D3's mmWave Radar Sensor Leverages TI's AWRL1432

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 15, 2023


Image Credit: D3

Rochester, New York. D3 is now offering its DesignCore RS-L1432U mmWave Radar Sensor leveraging the AWRL1432 from Texas Instruments (TI). The solution utilizes various mmWave radar algorithms to measure, detect, and track in a 1-inch cube form factor, while also using lower power with a decrease in volume costs for automotive applications such as park assist, kick-to-open, and collision avoidance.

The TI AWRL1432 is a single-chip radar IC containing an Arm M4F at 160 MHz, radar accelerator, and complete radar subsystem. Three receivers, two transmitters, a baseband ADC, and PLL are integrated by way of the RF front end.

According to D3, “The RFIC covers 76 to 81 GHz band and features 11 dBm transmit power and a typical noise figure of 12.5 dB. TI’s Radar Hardware Accelerator 1.2 is included to manage FFT, Log Magnitude, and CFAR operations.”

A singular USB-C connector is the main I/O able to process radar returns and algorithms as output and acts like a power supply input consistently. TI’s SDK firmware is pre-programmed and delivered in the sensors.

For more information, visit D3Engineering.com.

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