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Articles related to Radiflow

Updated Network Visibility with CIARA 4.0 - News

June 20, 2023

Tel Aviv, Israel. “Partnering across the industry allows us to pool together previously unidentifiable data, enabling greater automation across the full OT network,” said Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow. To ease the challenge of continual threats and lack of resources, Radiflow’s CIARA 4.0 utilizes a breach attack simulation (BAS) engine to focus on network device vulnerabilities and the security protocols required to assist in quick risk testing. Radiflow collaborated with Awen Collective and Atrinet to leverage the CIARA 4.0 to boost network visibility benefiting federal and defense assets.


Radiflow Automates Risk Posture - News

June 06, 2023

Tel Aviv, Israel. Radiflow has released CIARA 4.0 highlighting a leading benchmark tool delivering actionable insights for risk mitigation. CIARA 4.0 strategically uses data to non-stop observe changes in topology, scan for vulnerabilities and threats, and re-assess the risk posture of facilities and its digital assets.


Radiflow Expands US Operations to Meet Biden's Infrastructure Cybersecurity Focus - Press Release

February 04, 2022

The US government has taken an active approach towards OT cybersecurity. "America's OT facilities and supply chains are continuously in motion. Proper OT security measures need to recognize this fluid motion and support it," said Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow.


Radiflow and Fraunhofer Launch Joint Research to Apply AI in Industrial Cybersecurity - News

February 04, 2020

Radiflow and the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies, and Image Exploitation (IOSB) launched a joint research project.


Radiflow and Asset Guardian Introduce Joint Solution to Enrich Industrial Asset Monitoring and Risk Assessment - Press Release

November 05, 2019

Technology partnership combines OT ICS change management and OT network visibility to provide industrial enterprises with improved understanding of their assets.


Radiflow Extends its Industrial Threat Detection Solution with Business-Oriented Risk Analysis - Product

September 16, 2019

New version of iSID maps business processes and prioritizes OT risk mitigations to reduce potential for business interruptions.