Radiflow Automates Risk Posture

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 06, 2023


Tel Aviv, Israel. Radiflow has released CIARA 4.0 highlighting a leading benchmark tool delivering actionable insights for risk mitigation. CIARA 4.0 strategically uses data to non-stop observe changes in topology, scan for vulnerabilities and threats, and re-assess the risk posture of facilities and its digital assets.

“CISOs are under enormous pressure to do more with less, making it challenging to understand their current standing across the OT Cybersecurity landscape,” said Ilan Barda, Radiflow CEO, and Co-founder. “Data-driven CIARA 4.0 automates the delivery of the necessary insights concerning the changes in the risk posture that actually direct users toward optimal security actions.”

Also being introduced is Radiflow’s free-to-use cloud benchmark tool that will aggregate industry-specific benchmark information collected from Radiflow’s previous work and CS2AI surveys.

To combat against maleficents, the CIARA 4.0 provides Best Practices of Security Controls that are simplistic and map more efficiently to the security ecosystems in one facility or interlinked amongst others. It also allows users to circumvent the complexities of figuring out and implementing international standards such as IEC62443.

“A centralized, highly intelligent solution that enables OT cybersecurity teams to identify vulnerabilities, and stay up to date with industry standards and/or best practices, while prioritizing and evaluating mitigation efforts, slashes the investment in time and effort required to conduct secure operations,” explained Michael Langer, Radiflow’s Chief Product Officer.

For more information, visit radiflow.com.

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