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Articles related to SiFive

New P650 the “Fastest Licensable RISC-V Processor IP Core,” SiFive Says - News

December 07, 2021

SiFive, Inc. has announced the Performance P650 processor, a coherent multicore processor that scales to 16 cores and is what the company calls the “fastest licensable RISC-V processor IP core.” The new modular 64-bit CPU core uses a 13-stage out-of-order core pipeline and advanced branch prediction to deliver a 40% performance improvement per clock cycle over its predecessor, the P550.


SiFive Performance P550 Core Sets New Standard as Highest Performance RISC-V Processor IP - News

June 22, 2021

SiFive launched the new SiFive Performance family of processors.

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Embedded Executive: James Prior, Head of Global Communications, SiFive - Podcast

June 09, 2021

Is Intel teaming up with SiFive to produce RISC-V chips? It depends how much you read between the lines in a recent release from SiFive.

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aicas GmbH, SiFive Collaborate to Integrate RISC-V CPU architecture, JamaicaVM Java-Based Software Management - News

April 19, 2021

aicas GmbH and SiFive are collaborating to integrate the RISC-V CPU architecture and JamaicaVM Java-based software management.

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aicas and SiFive Bridge Flexibility and Performance with RISC-V, JamaicaVM Integration - Press Release

March 02, 2021

AWS, SiFive, and aicas during embedded world 2021 will deliver a virtual demonstration of AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0 running on a SiFive RISC-V unmatched board.

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Is SiFive the RISC-V Standard Bearer, or a Design Mercenary? - Podcast

August 27, 2020

Is the RISC-V standard bearer ditching its heritage to become a design mercenary by using Arm? Or is this a longer-term play to help get RISC-V technology into SoCs so it can grow from there?

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Special COVID-19 Edition of Embedded Executive: Naveed Sherwani, CEO, SiFive - Podcast

June 24, 2020

Different vendors are doing different things to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them are doing their part to help get us through this awful time. One of those is SiFive.