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Articles related to SiFive

RISC-V Summit North America 2023: Best in Show Nominees - Product

November 07, 2023

Here are the nominees for Best in Show at the 2023 RISC-V Summit North America. 


SiFive Offers P670 and P470 RISC-V Processors For Wearables and IoT - News

November 07, 2022

Santa Clara, Calif. SiFive, Inc. now offers the SiFive Performance P670 and P470 RISC-V processors based on the ratified RISC-V Vector v1.0 Specification including RISC-V Vector Cryptography extensions, SiFive WorldGuard system security, full RISC-V RVA22 profile compliance , Advanced Interrupt Architecture (AIA) compliant interrupt controller, more support for Message Signal Interrupts (MSI) and virtualization (including a separate IOMMU for accelerating virtualized device IO), and scalability with multi-core, multi-cluster support for up to 16 cores.

Open Source

Renesas and SiFive Partner to Jointly-Develop Next-Generation High-End RISC-V Solutions for Automotive Applications - News

June 28, 2022

Renesas Electronics and SiFive, Inc. announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop next-generation, high-end RISC-V solutions for automotive applications. The partnership will also include SiFive licensing the use of their RISC-V core IP portfolio to Renesas.

AI & Machine Learning

BrainChip and SiFive Partner to Deploy AI/ML Technology at the Edge - News

April 05, 2022

BrainChip Holdings Ltd, a commercial producer of ultra-low power neuromorphic AI chips and IP, and SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, have combined their respective technologies to offer chip designers optimized AI/ML compute at the edge.

AI & Machine Learning

Accelerating AI Inference Models for Computer Vision and Voice in Edge Devices - Blog

April 04, 2022

Accelerating AI inference models has become an essential task as we progress towards creating more sophisticated and efficient AI applications. Flexibile and complete AI assistance are critical components for success in the fast-growing AI sector. 

Debug & Test

Solid Sands' SuperTest to Help SiFive Advance RISC-V - News

January 31, 2022

SiFive is currently building a new infrastructure to support accelerated ASIC and FPGA design flows, IP delivery, and SoC development.


SiFive Essential 6-Series, 21G3 Release Add Mid-Range Performance & Features to Leading RISC-V IP Portfolio - News

December 10, 2021

SiFive announced the Essential 6-Series of real-time and mid-range application processors ahead of this week’s RISC-V Summit. The company also made its 21G3 release available, which includes a series of updates to their processor IP portfolio.