SiFive Offers P670 and P470 RISC-V Processors For Wearables and IoT

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 07, 2022


SiFive Offers P670 and P470 RISC-V Processors For Wearables and IoT
Image Provided by SiFive

Santa Clara, Calif. SiFive, Inc. now offers the SiFive Performance P670 and P470 RISC-V processors based on the ratified RISC-V Vector v1.0 Specification including RISC-V Vector Cryptography extensions, SiFive WorldGuard system security, full RISC-V RVA22 profile compliance , Advanced Interrupt Architecture (AIA) compliant interrupt controller, more support for Message Signal Interrupts (MSI) and virtualization (including a separate IOMMU for accelerating virtualized device IO), and scalability with multi-core, multi-cluster support for up to 16 cores.

Chris Jones, SiFive VP of Product says, "We have optimized these new RISC-V Vector enabled products to deliver the performance and efficiency improvements the industry has long been asking for. He continues, “Additionally, as the upstream enablement of RISC-V has started within the Android Open Source Project, (AOSP), designers will have unrivaled choice and flexibility as they consider the positive implications with that platform for future designs."

According to SiFive, the P670 features:

  • Maximum frequency exceeding 3.4GHz in 5nm,
  • Performance of 12 SpecINT2k6/GHz or greater
  • higher single threaded performance and 2x compute density compared to legacy solutions
  • includes a 2x 128-bit Vector ALUs compliant with the ratified RISC-V Vector v1.0 specification

The P470 includes:

  • 4x compute density when compared with competitor
  • 1x 128-bit RISC-V Vector ALU compliant with the ratified RISC-V Vector v1.0 specification
  • SiFive will also release the P450 - an area-optimized version of the P470 that excludes the Vector Unit.

"SiFive continues to be a market leader in the growing and maturing RISC-V space and again shows its leadership with its new SiFive Performance P670 and P470 RISC-V processors," said Todd R. Weiss, an analyst with Futurum Research. "These latest and powerful new processors give SiFive feature and performance advantages that will gain plenty of attention from device makers and consumers who want more from their devices. SiFive has been growing its reputation for some time and is truly ready to shake up the marketplace."

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