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StarFive is Trekking toward the Expansion of the RISC-V Environment - News

December 15, 2022

RISC-V Summit, San Jose. during the RISC-V Summit 2022, StarFive Technology’s Director of Software Engineering, Chin Liang, presented on StarFice's work toward developing the next generation of the RISC-V ecosystem. In Liang’s lecture, you will learn in-depth knowledge of RISC-V architecture, tools, and Linux distribution. See how you can use the knowedge gained for solutions in your designs.


StarFive Officially Releases the VisionFive V1 SBC - Blog

December 09, 2021

There was a lot of hype around the original BeagleBoard Foundation’s BeagleV StarFive RISC-V SBC that did not make it to mass production. StarFive knew the need to design a replacement board was inevitable. With many of the features from BeagleV, the RISC-V chipmaker released the VisionFive V1 single board computer featuring the StarFive JH7100 vision SoC. 

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StarFive Dubhe Launched as “World’s Highest Performance RISC-V Processor Core” - Story

December 09, 2021

Chinese RISC-V chipmaker StarFive has released Dubhe, a 64-bit CPU IP they claim is the world’s highest-performance RISC-V processor core as it clocks at frequencies of up to 2 GHz. Dubhe targets 12 nm TSMC process technology and supports the vector and hypervisor extensions that were recently added to the RISC-V Foundation’s base instruction set architecture.