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Articles related to THine

A 13MP PDAF Linux Camera Reference Design Kit for i.MX 8M Family From THine - News

August 13, 2021

THine Solutions, Inc., introduced their second THEIA-CAM family kit, the THSCM101, a 13MP (megapixel) Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) Linux Camera Reference Design Kit

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Dev Kit Weekly: THine THSER101 Raspberry Pi Camera Module Cable Extension Kit - Video

July 23, 2021

So we have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. And we have version 2 of the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. They interface via a MIPI CSI-2 connector and this ribbon cable, which is about six inches long. But what if I wanted to position the camera a significant distance away from the Pi, say, to function as a webcam? Or across the room?

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THine Releases 13MP PDAF UVC Camera Reference Design Kit - News

May 27, 2021

THine Solutions, Inc. introduced their new THEIA-CAM family of Camera Reference Design Kits. The foundational kit is the THSCU101, a 13 megapixel Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) USB Video Class (UVC) camera Reference Design Kit.


THine Introduces Plug and Play Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi Cameras - News

March 11, 2021

The Kit allows Raspberry Pi users to locate a Raspberry Pi Camera up to 20 meters away from a Raspberry Pi Computer.



THine Releases Chip for Medical and Industrial Applications - News

March 31, 2020

Thine announced the release of the THCV243, a high-volume availability of its new MIPI CSI-2 serializer IC.


THine Introduces a MIPI CSI-2 Serializer IC for Video Applications - News

March 24, 2020

THine announced the high-volume availability of their new MIPI CSI-2 serializer IC, THCV243.