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THine Delivers 13MP PDAF Camera Utilizing OLogic’s Pumpkin EVKs - News

August 08, 2023

Santa Clara, California. THine Solutions, Inc. (THine) unveiled its THSCP101, a THEIA-CAM 13MP PDAF Camera utilizing OLogic’s Pumpkin i350 and Pumpkin i500 Evaluation Kits (EVKs) for optimal image delivery. Integrated System on Chips (SoCs) are MediaTek’s Genio 350 and Genio 500 supplying processing power for N edge AI + IoT environment.Tak Iizuka, Chief Solution Architect of THine Solutions, Inc. said, “Previously, developing a scalable integration of high-resolution and high-performance imaging capabilities to an AI + IoT system had been really difficult, but not anymore. MediaTek customers can now just plug the THSCP101 to Pumpkin EVKs and then see the state-of-the-art image quality just in a few minutes.”



A 13MP PDAF Linux Camera Reference Design Kit for i.MX 8M Family From THine - News

August 13, 2021

THine Solutions, Inc., introduced their second THEIA-CAM family kit, the THSCM101, a 13MP (megapixel) Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) Linux Camera Reference Design Kit

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Dev Kit Weekly: THine THSER101 Raspberry Pi Camera Module Cable Extension Kit - Video

July 23, 2021

So we have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. And we have version 2 of the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. They interface via a MIPI CSI-2 connector and this ribbon cable, which is about six inches long. But what if I wanted to position the camera a significant distance away from the Pi, say, to function as a webcam? Or across the room?

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THine Releases 13MP PDAF UVC Camera Reference Design Kit - News

May 27, 2021

THine Solutions, Inc. introduced their new THEIA-CAM family of Camera Reference Design Kits. The foundational kit is the THSCU101, a 13 megapixel Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) USB Video Class (UVC) camera Reference Design Kit.


THine Introduces Plug and Play Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi Cameras - News

March 11, 2021

The Kit allows Raspberry Pi users to locate a Raspberry Pi Camera up to 20 meters away from a Raspberry Pi Computer.



THine Releases Chip for Medical and Industrial Applications - News

March 31, 2020

Thine announced the release of the THCV243, a high-volume availability of its new MIPI CSI-2 serializer IC.