A 13MP PDAF Linux Camera Reference Design Kit for i.MX 8M Family From THine

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 13, 2021


Photo Courtesy of THine

THine Solutions, Inc., introduced their second THEIA-CAM family kit, the THSCM101, a 13MP (megapixel) Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) Linux Camera Reference Design Kit


Since the introduction of the THSCM101, Operators that use NXP i.MX 8M family EVKs now have a choice for a camera that has image customization and production scalability.

The THSCM101 Kit is based on THine’s THP7312-P image signal processor (ISP) and Sony’s IMX258 13MP CMOS PDAF image sensor.

Included in the kit is a Camera Board, Mini-SAS cable for direct connect, embedded ISP firmware, and the necessary software for image streaming.

THine’s THP7312-P ISP supports high-resolution performance of up to 16 MP with industry-leading throughput, low latency, and low power consumption.

For more information, visit thinesolutions.com.

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