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Sponsored by: Anritsu, dSpace, Micron, RTI
Jun 14, 2022 11AM EDT (13 days, 20 hours ago)
Whether you know it or not, advanced driver assistance systems appear in every vehicle. Some might be obvious to the driver, while some might only appear in an emergency. As ADAS technologies become a requirement, OEMs must ensure that they maintain compliance with evolving regulatory standards as c... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Intrinsic ID
May 18, 2022 8AM EDT (1 month, 9 days ago)
What if you could improve device security by using simple software and on-chip storage to create your very own root of trust (RoT)? Well, now you can. Join this Embedded Toolbox Live interactive webcast where engineers from embedded system security IP leader Intrinsic ID will demonstrate the comp... [Read More]
Sponsored by: NI (National Instruments)
May 12, 2022 9AM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
Produced by Embedded Computing Design, the Automotive Technologies virtual conference will cover five key areas related to the design of today’s and tomorrow’s automobiles. It will look at these topics in great technical detail, cover the hardware, software, and everything in between. In-Vehicle... [Read More]
Sponsored by: NI (National Instruments)
May 12, 2022 11AM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
Data, analytics, and automation can help your organization reach higher levels of production and performance. However, making the best use of the information at hand can be a daunting task, particularly in a world like automotive where quality and safety must be top priorities. In this Keynote Addre... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Achronix, Crystal Group, dSpace, Silicon Motion
May 12, 2022 11AM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
Autonomous drive requires a combination of technologies, including various sensors, radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, and so on. The connected and driven by advanced control systems that must interpret the incoming data to identify the appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage.... [Read More]
Sponsored by: NI (National Instruments) & TI (Texas Instruments)
May 12, 2022 1PM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like automatic emergency braking, lane and highway assistance, and driver monitoring have become so commonplace that consumers/drivers take them for granted. What use to be a “feature” is now standard equipment. However, that doesn’t make their design and/or... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Anritsu & Rambus
May 12, 2022 2PM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) combines the various subsystems within the automobile, delivering information to and from the driver and passengers from the sensors and ECU. With the wealth of information that’s moving around the vehicle, both wired and wireless, it’s important that critical data gets... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments
May 12, 2022 3PM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
The voltages deployed in modern vehicles seems to be a moving target. Each OEM has his own ideas of what’s best for future vehicles. And even after standards are put in place, there is still lots of indecisiveness. In this session, we will look not just at the varying voltages, but the power compone... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Rambus
May 12, 2022 4PM EDT (1 month, 15 days ago)
We are far past of the point of explaining why safety and security is paramount of modern vehicles. But we’re not passed the point of being able to say with confidence, “this vehicle can’t be hacked.” In this session, we will look at the security available ava=liable, how they get implemented, and w... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Infineon
Apr 27, 2022 11AM EDT (2 months ago)
Now you are getting to the finish line of your project, this webinar is intended to help assist with any final issues. With experts from SensiML, Picovoice and Infineon, we will answer questions and queries about the usage of the platform or tools. [Read More]
Sponsored by: Infineon
Apr 21, 2022 2PM EDT (2 months, 6 days ago)
ModusToolbox™ ML is a tool that allows the deployment of Keras models onto PSoC™ 6, join the webinar to get knowledge on the ModusToolbox™ ML features to effectively deploy models and utilize the testing and analyzing features to ensure performance and accuracy are balanced. [Read More]
Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics
Apr 20, 2022 9AM EDT (2 months, 7 days ago)
An operating system is at the heart of IoT solutions. Choosing the right operating system upfront not only saves time and money but also ensures device stability and reliable operation. In this tutorial, we will focus on the selection criteria for Windows IoT operating system and licensing option... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Infineon
Apr 13, 2022 11AM EDT (2 months, 14 days ago)
In this interactive series of webinars you learn how to use Infineon's ModusToolbox Machine Learning (ML) along with SensiML and Picovoice to create innovative ML projects with Infineon PSoC™ 6 microcontrollers and chat with our experts. In this series we will cover: Bring your own model to Mo... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Infineon
Apr 13, 2022 11AM EDT (2 months, 14 days ago)
Now you have the hardware and have attended the first webinar on training and classification, attend this open Q&A with the experts to getting focused assistance, making your machine learning project successful and impressive. There will be experts from SensiML, Picovoice and Infineon to assistance... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Intrinsic ID & Rambus
Mar 30, 2022 1PM EDT (2 months, 28 days ago)
Technology experts from Rambus and Intrinsic ID will discuss how combining PUF technology with a hardware Root of Trust can provide robust security for data and devices. The session will start with the fundamentals of PUFs and example use cases. Then we will discuss how the characteristics of PUFs a... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Wind River
Mar 29, 2022 12AM EDT (2 months, 30 days ago)
It's hard to test software in today's complex business environments. Hackers know this — they target systems that were designed to operate in isolation but are now networked. In fact, in 2020, cyber incidents ranked as the most important business risk in the Allianz Risk Barometer. Does this soun... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Wind River
Mar 29, 2022 12AM EDT (2 months, 30 days ago)
Risk comes in many forms. When designing, building, and maintaining complex systems such as satellites there are many opportunities for risk that you need to consider, and some conflict with each other. For example: Risk of a security breach vs risk of performance impact by implementing security pro... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Wind River
Mar 29, 2022 12AM EDT (2 months, 30 days ago)
2020 was the fourth consecutive year to break records in the number of recorded security flaws in embedded systems (US-CERT Vulnerability Database). Securing medical systems has never been more imperative – or more challenging. Join Mike Mehlberg for a discussion of the current threat landscape a... [Read More]
Sponsored by: RTI
Mar 22, 2022 11AM EDT (3 months, 5 days ago)
Next-generation healthcare systems promise to deliver more targeted treatments, improve patient outcomes and lower costs. This vision is becoming a reality as surgical robotic systems transform into intelligent digital ecosystems that integrate imaging, visualization, and data. By leveraging the... [Read More]
Sponsored by: AWS
Mar 01, 2022 9AM EDT (3 months, 26 days ago)
Produced by Embedded Computing Design, Smart Manufacturing Day is a virtual conference that explores all avenues of deploying AI/ML in IIoT systems. The conference will focus on the various technologies required for today’s (and tomorrow’s) smart manufacturing platforms. That could include: Key... [Read More]
Sponsored by: AWS
Mar 01, 2022 11AM EDT (3 months, 26 days ago)
Industrial and manufacturing systems can be designed to leverage IIoT and emerging AI/ML capabilities to solve for business outcome challenges. Those challenges are focused around things like predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and control, quality improvement, and energy management. AWS provid... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Achronix and DFI
Mar 01, 2022 12PM EDT (3 months, 26 days ago)
As migrations go, moving from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0 is not one of the easier moves. While it should result in a significantly ramped up automation process, it does requirement the installation of much higher performance platforms, including robotics systems, vision hardware and software, and... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Advantech, Micron, and Vecow
Mar 01, 2022 2PM EDT (3 months, 26 days ago)
Massive economic potential and demand for AI at the Edge require more compute resources than imaged just a few years ago. Because these compute platforms live at the Edge, where the data is received and decisions are executed, they are ideal targets for executing AI algorithms. [Read More]
Sponsored by: AMD and Flex-Logix
Mar 01, 2022 3PM EDT (3 months, 26 days ago)
Vision systems are used for multiple functions within a manufacturing environment. They could be used for security, they could be used for inspection, and they could be used for AI applications. Depending on how you plan to deploy the vision system, the hardware and software that’s bundled will vary... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Wind River
Feb 24, 2022 2PM EDT (4 months, 3 days ago)
Technology advances have delivered major benefits to the global health and medical segments. Still, much of the medical systems and devices are based on previous generation of technologies. The challenges such as computing from Edge-to-cloud, leveraging AI, transforming digitally, updating systems,... [Read More]